Who am I and why this site ?
My name is Erik Fraanje and I started this website because I want to share my passion for music and progrock in particular with everyone who has an interest in it. For several years I have worked as a writer for the best Dutch music magazine in this field, IO-Pages. On this site I want to give my personal opinion without hindrance and without conforming to any party. Honest, open and unpretentious!  I don't concider myself to be a music critic but a musiclover. (or maybe even a prog snob?)

I will fill the site with new content whenever there is a reason for it. This can be a new albumrelease, a concertreview or even a column on a subject related to progrock. The fact that it is in English is a choice that is based on the idea that I want people from all over the world te be able to read my scriblings.

I hope you will enjoy this little indulgence of mine. 

And as said it is just a personal view on things so don't be disapointed or mad when your opinion does not match mine :)