Who am I and why this site ?
My name is Erik Fraanje and I started this website because I want to share my passion for music and progrock in particular with everyone who has an interest in it. For several years I have worked as a writer for the best Dutch music magazine in this field, IO-Pages. On this site I want to give my personal opinion without hindrance and without conforming to any party. Honest, open and unpretentious!  I don't concider myself to be a music critic but a musiclover. (maybe even a prog snob?)

I will fill the site with new content whenever there is a reason for it. This can be a new albumrelease, a concertreview or even a column on a subject related to progrock. The fact that it is in English is a choice that is based on the idea that I want people from all over the world te be able to read my scriblings.

I hope you will enjoy this little indulgence of mine. 

And as said it is just a personal view on things so don't be disapointed or mad when your opinion does not match mine :)

Talking about music is always a pleasure as long as we respect each others opinion and therefore I would like to give you the chance to share your thoughts and comments concerning my site and writings. So feel free to use the tool below.

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Alexandros Mantas
2 months ago

Hell Mr. Fraanje,

my name is Alexandros Mantas and only recently found out about your site. Although the band I'm playing in, Residuos Mentales, released our second album in the October of 2023, we'd still like to ask you if you are interested in reviewing in or just listening to it. In case you are, please contact me to send you a redeem code to get it from bandcamp.

Thank you very much!